Single Source Binding believes that when you buy a binding machine you should have access to a fair and economical repair service. All binding machines are relatively simple – the only major parts that cause problems are the punches.

Punching dies, as they are known, rarely wear out or become blunt. They usually become damaged by overloading or by punching a foreign object and so rarely have a chance to wear out. Most other repairs are simple malfunctions that can be easily fixed.

One answer is to take out a service agreement. Service agreements, however, generally work in the favour of the company that issues them. On other print-finishing equipment these agreements often cost 10% of the original machine price. Binding machine contracts often cost 25% to 30%! Why not just buy a machine every 3 or 4 years?

Our price promise and fixed-price overhaul service allows you to really get something for your money. No more paying for a service contract to prevent costly repair bills only to discover once you have the contract that you never see an engineer again or end up paying for repairs (e.g. punch dies) because you were not covered under the agreement.

A binding machine will only break down while in use and repairs are always urgent. Single Source Binding will not turn this into an opportunity to overcharge or force the sale of a new machine. This only causes dissatisfaction and leads you to look elsewhere for your equipment and supplies. We, however, will advise you of all the options available so you can make the best decision for you.

We don’t want you to use us because you are tied to us. We want you to use us because we represent the best value.

If you can accurately describe the problem we can accurately cost the repair over the telephone and stick to it. Any difference will be notified before work is carried out.

If you would like the cost put in writing we will be only too pleased to do so.

We promise to repair your machine in the most cost-effective and practical manner using genuine parts from the manufacturer.